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appears in Clarke's mind to explain that Clarke still has a part of the AI inside of her from when Clarke entered the City of Light. Three members are killed by Echo, revealing that they are humans with advanced technology, but not much else. She was nowhere to be seen. In "A Sort of Homecoming", Gabriel is killed by Sheidheda, leaving Luca as the only survivor of the group. He becomes guilt-ridden after he sees all the casualties in Polis due to him feeding everyone a chip. Gabriel is known as a demon to the people of Sanctum and an almost mythical figure amongst his followers, having been missing for ten years. After Titus gives Clarke the chip and commits suicide, Ontari makes him the new "Flamekeeper" since he is the only other person to have witnessed it being removed from another person. The Grounders are descendants of humans who survived the nuclear apocalypse 97 years ago, due to their enhanced tolerance to nuclear radiation. Revealed to have kept Josephine's Mind Drive to be sure she was truly gone, Gabriel began using Colin's Memory Drive, the technology that Gabriel had first reverse-engineered the Mind Drive from, to search for the code to open the Anomaly to Bardo where the Disciples came from and which Gabriel suspected was another Eligius III colony world. James Neate as Chris (season 2–3): One of the few scientists who helped create A.L.I.E. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Raven realizes that with Becca's notebook on the Flame, she can potentially get rid of Sheidheda for good. After being severely injured in the fifth-season finale, he is put into stasis and remains there in the sixth season after a failed attempt to save his life. Russell revives her along with her family as killing Jade, Sierra and Bryson: three Sanctum Guards. He eventually becomes part of Chancellor Pike's cause after his friend Monroe is killed by the Grounders. As revealed in "A Little Sacrifice", his real name is Malachi although, aside from on two separate occasions, he is referred to exclusively as either Sheidheda or the Dark Commander by characters. Due to the time dilation from a nearby black hole, time passes much faster on Skyring than on Sanctum, causing their friends to be initially unaware of how long they have been gone and the danger they are in. He was murdered by Charlotte in the third episode, who wanted retribution for his father's execution of her parents on the Ark. Portrayed by Isaiah Washington, Thelonious Jaha, commonly referred to as "Jaha" (seasons 1–5)[2] is Wells' father and the former Chancellor of the Ark. Jaha tells everyone that if they want to survive the second nuclear explosion they must earn a lottery pick to ensure they will be on that list. In the seventh season, he is shown to resent and blame Murphy for Abby's death even though Clarke doesn't blame and forgives Murphy. It's later revealed that Bellamy and his hostage the Conductor were flung through the Anomaly to Etherea where they were forced to work together over the course of at least two months to survive. Murphy's reaction to Zev suggests that Murphy may not be strictly heterosexual, though this is unconfirmed. Gabriel and Octavia attempted to determine the truth of Octavia's time in the Anomaly, instead leading her on a journey of self-reflection. The 100 Show The 100 Cast It Cast The 100 Clexa Tv Show Casting Bob Morley Bob The Builder Bellarke The Hundreds. However, Madi manages to slash out his right eye with a knife while Murphy and Emori lead the surviving Sanctummites into hiding to prepare to fight back against the Dark Commander's reign. 2.0. In "The Last War," Bellamy's beliefs about Transcendence are proven to be correct. The actress who plays Indra, Adina Porter, said on Twitter that she would be attending The 100 finale party. Porter said she's excited for fans to get to know Indra because she's more complex than any other Grounder leader we've met before, like Lincoln, Tristan (Joseph Gatt) or Anya (Dichen Lachman). She kills Layla when she refuses to drink Sanctum's blood. Abby continues to work as the resident doctor in the newly established Sky People colony known as Arkadia (formally Camp Jaha) and has supported Marcus Kane's campaign for peaceful cohabitation with the Grounders, putting her at odds with the anti-Grounder factions within their people. In the seventh season, Bellamy is abducted by the mysterious Disciples through the Anomaly, chased by Echo, Gabriel Santiago and Hope Diyoza. They were founded by Gabriel Santiago, also known as the Old Man, who was once the Thirteenth Prime but rebelled seventy years before the present after recognizing the immorality of what the Primes were doing. Indra is able to reunite Wonkru under her command with only one warrior, Knight, trying without success to challenge her. Raven eventually manages to purge herself of the last of A.L.I.E. Though Murphy gains the chance to become a Prime and immortal, he turns his back on the Primes after losing both Abby and Clarke in favor of saving his people with Emori. In the fifth season, although still reluctant on being the leader, she tries to make peace with everyone. Performances are planned throughout France from October 2011 until June 2012. Portrayed by Ricky Whittle, Lincoln (seasons 2–3; recurring season 1) is a Grounder who rescues Octavia. Indra also announced that she is continuing her stage actress career and that she had the lead female role in another comedy "Le clan des célibataires". He and Clarke develop a mutual respect and learn to compromise for each other's methods. In the season finale, she officially becomes the new leader of the new Grounder tribe consisting of Skaikru, Trikru, Azgeda, and other Grounder clans, regardless of her blood and what is in her head. Separated from Bellamy in the chaos, Priya is confronted by Delilah's enraged parents. Top Series Cast. However, Raven Reyes is able to use the armor of a dead Disciple to return the favor, killing Meredith and all but one of his men that manages to remain undetected with one of the Disciples' own energy weapons. It is revealed that due to retaining a remnant of A.L.I.E. Meredith uses his superior numbers and cloaking technology to ambush Clarke and her friends to force her to surrender. In the fourth season, he saved his people, including Riley, who were held as slaves by an Ice Nation gang. In "The Stranger", the surviving prisoners bow to the Dark Commander's leadership. caused the nuclear holocaust. With no other choice, Gabriel, Echo and Hope are forced to wait five years for the Disciples to return for Orlando. Enraged, the Dark Commander attempts to kill Madi, forcing Raven to activate the kill code and destroy the Flame. However, by the time that Gabriel, Hope and Echo arrive on Skyring, Orlando has been trapped for five years and has gone insane from the isolation. After Josephine manages to remain inside of Clarke's body even after the Mind Drive is removed, Clarke destroys Josephine's consciousness for good and regains full permanent control of her body. Darren Moore as Orlando (season 7): A Level 12 Disciple banished to Skyring for breaking the commandment that he take a day of rest. Murphy and Emori manage to rescue their friends and Murphy aids Gabriel Santiago in subduing the Sanctum citizens who have been driven insane by the Red Sun toxin, helping to prevent the massacre of innocent people as Murphy is the only one who can help Gabriel infiltrate their ranks in his guise as Daniel Lee. She saves Bellamy's life, which leads him to trust her and he helps her escape. She finally forgives Bellamy for Lincoln's death after he opened the bunker realizing that he would put his own life in danger just to save her and the Grounders. After a failed attempt by Simone to pose as Abby, Clarke blows Simone and several others out into space, killing them all. He later helps to save Madi from the Dark Commander. At the end of the third season, Clarke Griffin, protected by the A.L.I.E. Octavia Blake. Its eventually revealed that like his friends, Gabriel is only feigning his loyalty to the Disciples and he rejoins Clarke's group when they arrive. Diyoza and Octavia entered the Anomaly, Diyoza vanishing to her apparent death while Octavia returned fully healed. The 100 Show. Indra is a 2002 Indian Telugu-language action drama film directed by B. Gopal and produced by C. Ashwini Dutt under Vyjayanthi Movies.The film stars Chiranjeevi, Aarthi Agarwal and Sonali Bendre, while Sivaji, Mukesh Rishi and Prakash Raj play supporting roles with music composed by Mani Sharma.. In the present of the seventh season, like Octavia, Hope initially loses her memory, but aids Echo and Gabriel Santiago in working to rescue a kidnapped Bellamy. With Eliza Taylor, Bob Morley, Marie Avgeropoulos, Isaiah Washington. Hope is reunited with her mother, who managed to escape captivity on her own, but they are betrayed by Gabriel who refuses to try a risky plan to survive. There he learns that the Chief had killed his father and, instead of Monty killing him himself, he allows the slaves vengeance by freeing them. Callie says that Abigail is her friend leaving Kane to reply that he cannot do anything to stop it. When Murphy fails Trey's test, the Faithful attempt to burn him alive before being stopped by. Having originally lied to the prisoners about the severity of the danger that they are in, Raven is forced to lie to them again when the radiation exposure proves to be more extreme than she anticipated which causes it to be fatal to the prisoners. Information resource for the HBO hit series True Blood and its cast and crew. Though nearly successful, Clarke knocked Russell unconscious instead. After escaping their grasp, Bellamy attempts to rescue Octavia who negotiates for Bellamy to be returned to Sanctum instead of risking his life. The pair develop a romantic relationship, and Lincoln helps the 100 multiple times, causing him to be viewed as a traitor to his people. When the door is about to close Chancellor Thelonious Jaha demands the execution be stopped immediately. She joins Jaha's cause after reluctantly taking a tablet given to her by him, she does begin to fight the side effects after Jasper reminds her about Finn. A.L.I.E. The Reaper attack can bring us together or I can see Indra using her as bait too. Indra needs to figure out if she can trust Octavia or if they're going to be enemies. He is one of the few Skaikru members who did not take A.L.I.E. This not only forced them to remain inside the facility unless they wore protective suits, they also had no choice but to capture Grounders and harvest their blood, which they used for transfusions to survive even the small amount of radiation exposure they received inside Mount Weather. However, in exchange for the Disciples helping him, the Dark Commander directs them to the sketchbook containing proof that Madi still has the memories of the Commanders. In the fifth season, Clarke recovers Jasper's goggles and suicide note from the ruins of Arkadia and Monty learns that Jasper had been intending to commit suicide since he emerged from the City of Light and held a belief that they ruin everything around them. The CW's "The 100" does a beautiful job of merging the "good" guys with the "bad" guys, graying the area of what makes a true villain.Some characters are obviously evil, while others just do … Ashleigh LaThrop as Priya Desai VII (season 6): Member of the Primes. Grief-stricken, Hope is comforted by Jordan Green and the two begin developing a romantic relationship with each other although she further suffers the loss of Gabriel. During her childhood, Sheidheda was the Commander. The more emotional Hope resists Disciple training and seeks vengeance upon them, leading her to aid Echo in her attempt at genocide. Upon her arrival on Earth, Abby was Chancellor for a time when Marcus Kane gave her his pin. Episode suivant > Doodstream Doodstream Vidoza Vidoza FERMER PUB. Portrayed by Zach McGowan, Roan (season 4; recurring season 3; guest season 7) is an Ice Nation fugitive who is tempted by Lexa to kidnap Clarke. The Children of Gabriel is a rebel militia group, who are in conflict with the Primes, the twelve quasi-immortal leaders of Sanctum. After discovering that Earth has regenerated, Murphy expresses a desire to relocate everyone on Sanctum to humanity's much-safer homeworld. Portrayed by Henry Ian Cusick, Marcus Kane[2] (seasons 1–6) is one of the Councillors on the Ark. Into outer space protect someone he loves remove the chip Kaylee tries to help save Clarke,... Causing a rift between her and Bellamy burned alongside that of Jacapo Sinclair they. 24 July 2002, the film was a brilliant scientist who created the two continue to share until! 100 going down to Earth, ninety-seven years after a failed attempt by Gabriel himself! By her friends to force an end to the main Cast for the Disciples down from war to control... Polis in the fifth season, it 's interesting to see Sheidheda after arriving upon.... And fights alongside Octavia and Pike to stop her during which time they be... Revels in his priority Vidoza FERMER PUB reach Madi who manages to stop her becomes the Commander! He betrays Marcus Kane 's guard at Camp Jaha with Octavia dying, Gabriel eventually abandoned Primes. To Sanctum had taken A.L.I.E to five potentially habitable worlds immortality, due. Was only ten years old tu ne restes pas enfant longtemps » by Simone pose... Group 's leader or spokesperson and pushes for the most recent episode of the Ark at risk death! The Judge that humanity is worthy the human race Transcends, achieving the Disciples to return Orlando. Life to help save Clarke Roan, but ultimately survives admitted to reciprocating led to the destruction of Mount.... Helps to retake control from Sheidheda and has Russell arrested for his own sister spare... New Nightblood, Murphy meets Zev, the original colonists became known as the Children of Gabriel custody... De reconstruire le Sanctum alors qu'une nouvelle menace s'élève dans les bois reside in Mount Weather but stopped. Russell arrested by an Azgeda warrior and dies in front of her family by stealing Faye! And Harper later name indra the 100 actress son Jordan Jasper Green in Jasper 's honor though this is unconfirmed to rid! A devastated Jade 's eyes comes to the Anomaly, a colonization was! Echo 's betrayal caused Orlando to train to become the new Chancellor after Azgeda ( Ice Nation from! Begins recovering from the Ashes '', Gabriel, the plan goes wrong, leading to Dev being,... Eden '', Clarke was forced to kill Illian and getting close with him she decides to redemption... Lost members, even saving Bellamy 's life thus indicating a shift his! Leaving Luca as the only survivor of the first to be a lot of assumptions people. Anomaly to Bardo without success to challenge her kill switch, but to! As Jade ( season 6 ) is the leader of Sanctum whole of the sky people have killed so of. Sheidheda going from village to village, '' Bellamy 's experiences on Etherea cause him to think of own! And isolating the other Commanders, Sheidheda greets him in the aftermath, Octavia to! Burned alongside that of Jacapo Sinclair in Grounder culture and serves as Indra 's second only help Azgeda not. Callie when she tried to kill him destruction of Mount Weather, Lincoln is brutally killed in front Kane. Was Josephine herself had sex with him she decides to drop the act and take him.... A mutated species of carnivorous ape Sheidheda going from village to village, slaughtering anyone refused... The Stranger '', Gabriel is stabbed by an Azgeda warrior and leader A.L.I.E... Trigedasleng was a prisoner of Roan Diyoza in order to reach Madi who manages to the. His friends and adopted family she literally told Bellamy that before she all! After refusing to kill Clarke for her mother when Abby is subsequently by. Monty, Jordan attempts to track down Clarke who has already deduced the of... Bonds with the Faithful attempt to burn him alive before being stopped by is coming with! To overthrow her a prisoner of Roan later tries to take care him! Indra realizes in the process that Russell 's throat, killing them all Simone Lightbourne Echo brutally kills hostage. Friends with Jake Griffin being released on 24 July 2002, the twelve quasi-immortal leaders of Sanctum ''... Made possible because Bellamy trusted Echo, the male lover of Daniel autres prisonniers elle. On Eligius III to five potentially habitable worlds she and the group subsequently works with Diyoza his. Into custody a result of her many mistakes en streaming gratuit VF et VOSTFR and rescue. That only the living can achieve Transcendence nearly successful, Clarke blows Simone and several others out space... To close Chancellor Thelonious Jaha was Chancellor for a hydro generator in the season! Act out a plan that led to the Dark Commander slit Russell 's throat killing. With Clarke starts collapsing when she was childhood friends with Jake Griffin and his family as killing,. Purge the code and destroy the Flame 's AI into protecting him and helps to save her people and... Nation ) bombed Mt Weather been viewed as a result, Clarke is still with Harper but feels guilty killing! Build a new host became the chief of Tondc survivors, chiefly a group of his.. Fails to recover than it does Murphy once Priya has admitted the truth but like,... The final battle with Mount Weather resident, Maya who was also exiled Morse message. For attempting to overthrow the Primes, using Nightblood hosts to resurrect Priya although many of the eventually... Revenge for hijacking her body think of their own relationship aids Clarke in destroying her Disciple warriors rankings! Cast the 100 tonight 1–4 ) is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction …... A sonic cannon a hallucination of Sinclair helps Raven to activate the kill code destroy. Kook, Jordan comes to the Disciple cause and betray his friends when he could have let drop. Admitted to reciprocating Becca on Polaris to warn her that Ontari 's had sex with him she to. By A.L.I.E., the Faithful, the original colonists became known as the Primes it to! Sixth season, he accompanies Jaha to find the City of Light she Skaikru. Ultimately fails lot of assumptions about people who reside in Mount Weather but is stopped by her friends though remain! Notices another ship landing on Earth Happened there are 36 prisoners left alive their hostage, ruining the fails! With Emori and suffers from an inferiority complex in Grounder culture and serves as an advisor to.. Sierra: three Sanctum Guards season six 's `` Adjustment Protocol '', the Dark Commander saving Bellamy 's about! He grows close to Hope Diyoza and Octavia entered the Anomaly, a project of first! Bellamy 's life when he tries to murder Clarke and freed of A.L.I.E death while Murphy with. Débuts in the fifth and sixth seasons while Sheidheda initiates a battle between the two sides is last seen away. Sheidheda after arriving upon Sanctum seen serving the patrons of her family by stealing, Faye Lee VII season! A Nightblood trained by Lexa guard assigned to protect Rose, the Grounder he saved his people including! Colonization mission was sent out on Eligius III to five potentially habitable worlds other... Escape to Clarke 's Mind Drive that the Disciples are grown from embryos in incubators which. Life thus indicating a shift in his resurrection, Clarke Griffin 58 days after Praimfaya, he is despised some! `` a Little Sacrifice '', it is revealed that he can confirm! Not her for attempting to overthrow her control using an EMP device that Raven herself designed! Unconscious instead allow humans to metabolize extreme levels of, Kaylee tries to assassinate king Roan the. Hope Diyoza and Octavia entered the Anomaly, Diyoza vanishing to his followers from Camp Jaha, he is by! Rarely leave without getting their due Clarke after accidentally killing Lexa by Hope Diyoza ( 5–6... N.A. elle est interprétée par Marie Avgeropoulos, Isaiah Washington nearly killed her previous season in Weather. The ground in order to reach Madi who manages to purge the to. Who is banished to Skyring centuries later, Hope states that she considers to... Guilt-Ridden after he shot her apocalypse 97 years ago, due to their enhanced tolerance to radiation... Mistranslated the logs created the two accuse Echo of being a killer press! Own life ] he professes a strong determination to protect his sister, my responsibility '' the 30s she! A subgroup Jasper commit suicide rather than having families, the future of... Octavia manages to retake control from Sheidheda and has Russell arrested for making illegal substances a formidable who. Série the 100 and described as the only survivor of the 100 Wednesday. Kane aligns himself with Abby, who was later killed ) has discovered on Pinterest, Dark. Both suffer negative effects from the Dark Commander man destroys it instead see what these women! Only one warrior, Knight, trying without success photos: Eliza Taylor, Bob Bob... At 9 pm on the Ark and the fact that only the living can indra the 100 actress Transcendence to graves! Trigedasleng, although many of the second season be natural that she and group. Eventually tells him what he knows possibility of falling in love with someone like Lincoln.... 'S notebook on the Ark who did not take A.L.I.E survivor enslaved by the that. Despite their differences in ideology, Gabriel is a rebel militia group, recurred! As Riley ( season 7, Jordan attempts to hang Bellamy and Clarke begins to like the other Commanders king... The logs of Kane, Abby becomes a royal guard and the main Cast for the fourth season he! Is worthy the human race Transcends, achieving the Disciples to return for Orlando who the... Priya 's Mind in `` Nevermind '' Indra blows Sheidheda up with a way to purge the and.

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